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TemporaryContemporary: with Leesa and Nicole Abahuni
Took place: June 3rd, 2005     [ Photos ]

You are cordially invited to attend the opening of an installation by TEMPORARYCONTEMPORARY in collaboration with artists Leesa and Nicole Abahuni on June 3rd commencing at 7.30pm as final part of the project Coalesce: The Remix, held at ®edux throughout May untill June 6th, 2005.

For four weeks, a complex multi-authored installation will convert ®edux space into a series of overlaid exhibitions / projects ranging from intervention to discursive platform, from publication to happening in the context of events, video screenings and DJ sets.

Click here for images of previous Coalesce incarnations. COALESCE is part of an on-going project, a mutating environment of overlapping exhibitions of painting, video, and text work in migration held at key locations. Coalesce is curated by Paul O'Neill.
During the week leading up to the 3rd June, Jen Wu and Anthony Gross of TEMPORARYCONTEMPORARY will curate three events, each taking the form of a private poker game. In this metaphorical situation, with the curators as dealers and exhibitors as gamblers, the card playing becomes a stand-in for the to and fro of socialised culture production. The 'game' forces a strategy through the mechanism of its performance [each game will be played for four hours over three days] for potential exhibitions, and through its discursive conversations provides networks that suture the exhaustive adrenalin and power-play of winning and losing [in the art-world] back to the primary 'logic' of competitive play.

The gallery itself is transferred into a gambling lounge with 'drinks tables' by Goodwin and 'rest areas' by Padilha, reading material by Sarah Pierce, Dave Beech and Mark Hutchinson, accumulated leftovers from the first, second and


third weeks. The sessions will be recorded with techniques familiar from televised poker, with a specially constructed table allowing for under and overhead footage and recordings. This material will be edited, projected and combined to be screened on the night of June 3rd, against Leesa and Nicole Abahuni's performative experiments in synesthesia and collaboration with electronic sound musician Scott Hewitt. By re-ordering their perceptual arrays through mirroring devices and their refractive obstructions to any clear view, an audience may enter into a 'game' of chance where the superfluity of elements leads to a subtraction of the real from within the body of the exhibition. The 'gestalt' of these environmental adjusters is 'soft' rather than 'hard', within the terms of a history of the interactive whose origins are formed in early modernism, amid kinaesthetic works from Duchamp to Takis through the sensorial imaginaries of concrete and electronic music.

Each layer within Coalesce offers alternative levels to experience and interact with the works presented. The gallery walls, panels, ceilings and floors covered with works that both physically and conceptually overlap - produce a fluctuation between what is expected universally by an exhibition as 'comfortable' and what cannot be anticipated in terms of an unprecedented domesticity.

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