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Vinyl III: Just Like Movie Stars
Took place: 11th, November  2004   [ Photos ]

Press Release 
Vinyl III:
Just Like Movie Stars

Redux presents the third in the VINYL series of art and music collaborations "Just like Movie Stars", derived from the title of Matt Sharp's new record.

Los Angeles based Matt Sharp and the band Goldenboy arrive in London to play for one night only at Redux on Thursday 11th November, to launch the new single "Just like Movie Stars" on Split Records, before commencing their European tour. The concert will be staged in the context of the art gallery and the current exhibition at Redux "Chat Moss" by Derek Hampson.

Sharp's music can be characterised by the distinct American heritage embedded in the sound of an acoustic guitar, familiarised in the hybrid forms taken from the imported early development of folk / blues to one couched in a more generalised suburban, provincial and electric style; as a

melancholic lyricism traced for example from the un-dramatic poetry of Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen, the most archetypical exemplars of its urban influence, as both universal style and individual world-view.

Sharp's music announces a certain bitter-sweet and urbane pleasure in this melancholic, suburbanised and reduced world. It is complemented by Hampson's ceiling painting, that represents, phenomenologically, the moment of a non-descript 'dreary' place, Chat Moss, also the title of the work, which, at the turn of the first industrial revolution, during the construction of the railways, was itself a prime example in the belated process of creating the contemporary world.

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