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THINK CURATORS THINK, Per Hüttner and Duncan McLaren
with Tania Perez Cordova
Took place: 4 . 9 . 2004   [ Photos ]

The second collaboration in the series takes place from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. After Party 10.00pm - 2.00am DJs, video screenings, bar.

Think Curators Think is an on-going project, conceived by Sam Fisher, and initiated at Goldsmiths College in 2004 by Peter Lewis with a group of Fine Art undergraduate students. The project invites artists to volunteer to work collaboratively with individual students and risk a certain loss of control.

"Think II" Invitation 
Invitation to Think Curators Think

You are cordially invited to attend the book launch, in the context of an exhibition to be held at 8.00pm on Saturday 4th September at ®edux, Unit 303, Third Floor, Lana House, 116 Commercial Street, London E1 6NF.
526 Manhattan Building, Bow Quarter, Fairfield Road, London, E3 2UP.

After-party from 10.00pm -2.00am. Bar, DJs, video projection.

Per Hüttner - An art book with a literary text by Duncan McLaren Design by Fredrik Söder
64 pages, 21 full colour plates (incl. 8 fold-outs).

The exhibition, curated by Tania Perez Cordova, an undergraduate student at Goldsmiths College, University of London, is the first in the series THINK CURATORS THINK,

a project initiated between the Department of Visual Arts of the University and ®edux in 2004.

The project seeks to challenge the usual notions of curatorial practice by offering an option to transform the conditions for the individual's work and the conceptual structure of the show. Specific collaborations between artists and individual students have produced a series of events at ®edux, organised by Peter Lewis and Makiko Nagaya. Invited to propose a work which could be subject to a process of change, artists enter a field of social interaction, and risk a certain loss of control.

Press Release

F�reningen Curatorial Mutiny proudly presents 'Per Hüttner' a second book in the series of experimental art publications. The book is collaboration between artist Per Hüttner and author Duncan McLaren, and has been designed by Fredrik Söder. It is neither a traditional monograph nor a straight novella, but a crossover between the two. Per Hüttner's photographs are panoramas of urban life around the globe. However, through the artist's indexical presence in the images, the context is shifted slightly to display a remarkable detail about human - and particularly male - vulnerability. The text by Duncan McLaren starts by engaging with the photographs and e-mail persona of the artist, to generate a fictional odyssey concerned with the blessings and pitfalls of love and commitment. Fredrik Söder's minimalist design takes its inspiration from post-war art books where individual lithographs were glued onto pages pre-printed with text. Thus photographs provide both the starting and end points of the book, pre- and post-text, and in such a way that text gains from image just as much as image gains from text. The book highlights aspects of both the artist's and the writer's work not so readily detectable in what might be considered its natural milieu - art gallery and literary book, respectively.

Tania Perez Cordova is interested in the idea of researching how a visual work is translated and re-inscribed in circulation, especially through literary journalism, to generate eventful narrative patterns. For example, McLaren inserts H�ttner's life and work into a narrative organised around the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. Simultaneously Perez Cordova has decided to work with one of H�ttner's panoramas from the book, to point to oblique narrational codes where combined photographic realism and patterned arrangement overlap.

These types of images suggest a narrative less "visible" and more "visual". The curator, without relying upon the interest in the visual spectacle of the panorama, uncovers "the fact of the visible"[1]. In order to magnify the feeling and meaning of the moment it is equally important to counter the pictorial, and by so doing an inherent concealment of significance becomes the governing force. There is nothing but a scene (running) and a scenario (the exotic place) in the uneventful space of a gallery, just the image. A reference to a Jordanian newspaper inserts H�ttner into a story from Amman, making the picture's global coherence visibly 'surveyable', the subject of a continuous apprehension.

1. Stanley Cavell (from "The Thought of Movies" in Themes out of School:
Effects and Causes, San Francisco North Point Press, 1984).


To order your copy and/or more information and press pictures contact Rudi Heinrichsen at F�reningen Curatorial Mutiny: The price is 20 Euro/per copy Postage and packaging:
1 copy: 6,40 Euro
2 or more copies: 8,00 Euro
1 copy: 8,20 Euro
2 or more: 11,50 Euro
(For orders in France, Sweden and the UK payment will be accepted by cheque.
Please contact Rudi for details.)

About the contributors:

Per Hüttner is a Swedish artist living and working in Paris, France. He trained at Konsth�gskolan, Stockholm, and at Hochschule der K�nste in Berlin. He has shown extensively in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, most notably at Chisenhale Gallery in London, Centro de Arte de Salamanca, Spain, G�teborgs Konstmuseum, Sweden, and at The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. He was one of the co-founders and co-directors of the Konstakuten Gallery in Stockholm from 1995-2001, and was founder and director of the Hood Gallery in Los Angeles from 2002-03.

Duncan McLaren is the author of "Personal Delivery", a blend of fiction, autobiography and visual art published by Quartet in 1998. He has since written about art exhibitions and events, mostly in London, for the Independent on Sunday, and for journals, principally Art Review and CVA. Collaborations with freethinking contemporary artists provide the starting point for "The Casebook of Non-Sherlock Holmes", from which "The Strangled Cry of the Writer-in-Residence" was published by Grizedale Arts in 2002. In 2004 he began writing "Doctor Watson's Literary Casebook", an investigation into the creativity and sexuality of some well-known late-Victorian writers.

Per Hüttner's work can also currently be viewed at:
X-po September, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden 'Connecting the Dots', The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, USA '', ICA, London, UK 'Unrealised Projects, web project, London, UK.

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