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LAUNCH /seconds
Took place: 1st November, 2005     [ Photos ]

You are cordially invited to attend the launch of the online journal /seconds to be held at The Photographers' Gallery, 5-8 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7HY, on Tuesday, November 1st 2005

/seconds will be projected in the context of the exhibition of Isa Genzken's "Der Spiegel" curated by Clare Grafik.

Press release
LAUNCH /seconds

The inaugural issue of /seconds called for verbal, aural, and visual contributions from its editorial and advisory boards, proposing that they might also recommend a second contributor, setting up various levels of dialogue and, in so doing, presenting a contemporary task for thinking. The internet technology by which this conversation is initiated, carried and extended may affect or be affected by the process of reproducing, conversing with or 'using' that technology itself. The invitation to contribute was also open to be declined in favour absolutely of another's 'voice' (in any form that 'voicing' may be thought of). Further tangential responses might also arise from an outside or unexpected source at another time, before or beyond the first publication date, emphasizing the conundrum inherent in the first /seconds. This in turn may precipitate a 'relay' for the second publication. Further editions of /seconds will in diverse and unpredictable ways derive and extend from this. It will be up to each individual contributor - and reader - as to how they imagine these 'extensions', literally and in their reproductive temporality, as a celebratory kind of shared time and an individuation of the collective work of the project.

/seconds. is an online publishing project initiated and edited by Derek Horton and Peter Lewis, designed by Graham Hibbert and supported by an international editorial and advisory board of academics, artists and curators. The project acknowledges support from Leeds Metropolitan University. /seconds will be published quarterly in September, December, March and June and will assemble text and visual material to incorporate also moving image and sound-based work.
Enquiries or material to be considered for submission can be sent to
or .

Executive editors
Derek Horton
Peter Lewis

Graham Hibbert

Editorial board
Tony Chakar
Clementine Deliss
Wolfgang Fetz
Simon Ford
Andrew Hunt
Craig Martin

Advisory board
Steve Arguelles
Richard Caldicott
Mark Harris
Melanie Manchot
David Mollin
Makiko Nagaya
Michael Nyman
Annie Ratti
Dimitra Vamiali
Mark Arial Waller
Steven Wong

The views published in /seconds are are not necessarily those of the individual writers and artists who contribute, nor of the publishers, editors, editorial and advisory board members or funders.

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Issue 1
Open Questions, Peter Lewis

Photographs - Peter Lewis
Photographs - Anne Hardy

The Case Of The Missing Vodka, Clementine Deliss

A Matter of Fact, David Mollin
[Walking around Matt O'dell's Columbia Space Shuttle, Flight STS-107]
Photographs - Douglas Park

The Personal Game, Maria Fusco
Photographs - Melanie Manchot

Brian Eno and the "Quiet Club", Peter Suchin [Subtle Beauty as Social Critique]

A Psychopathic Hymn, Simon Ford
[J.G. Ballard's "Crashed Cars" Exhibition of 1970]

The World is Large,
Curated project - Dimitra Vamiali
Drawings - Heather Sparks

Leakage, Craig Martin

Tamederness, Douglas Park [Dryer than dust thunderstorm lightning bolt strikes used up, drained out]

Benjamin's Hashish Protocols, Mark Harris

Overt Surveillance, Stuart Bailey
[A Conversation On Micro-Salons With Mark Aerial Waller]
Photographs - Mark Aerial Waller

It's a jungle out there but Hunt has found good life, Andy Hunt

Impossible Tourism, Tony Chakar [Terrorists, Gentlemen and Nomads]

A work, Richard Caldicott

The President - Charlie O, Steve Arguelles

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