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Martin Sexton: Late at the Tate
Took place: March 3rd, 2006     [ Photos ]

Curated by Martin Sexton.

Press Release
Pictures from the event 'Late at the Tate' - curated by Martin Sexton. The event was part of the Gothic season, with sound installations including Truth Machine and Bauhaus. Sexton's Harley-Davidson made an appearance a la 'Scorpio Rising'; emblematic paintings by Wolfe Lenkiewicz, [constructed as a black box, which provided a structure for projection of videoworks by Martin Sexton, Lee Holden and Peter Lewis. By entering the Tate 'illicitly', under the mis-apprehension of its acknowledgement of limitations of content and form, [the works were brought in without permission] Sexton provided a reminder of the pivotal inter-relation, as Negri has written of an enactment of politically subversive, between destruction and liberation.

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It also 'proved' that the institution's 'concealed' power is continuously tenuous and, in the fall-out of an ideological redundancy, 'unconcealed'. The black box, like the monolith from Kubrick's 2001, interrupted the smooth passage through galleries, Turner and John Martin's paintings looking all the more fragile, with real anxiety about their safe haven in the museum. The bringing together of these artists continued a collaborative agreement that commenced at T1/2 Space, ®edux and with Truth Machine. Lenkiewicz's decision to show 'difficult' work counter pointed with ®edux' experimental approach, in a pact with Sexton's activistism. Lenkiewicz, Sexton and Lewis showed at 'Go Between' held earlier at Kunstverein Bregenz.