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Rosie Cooper: International Everything
Took place: January 21st, 2006     [ Photos ]     [ Notes ]

Curated by Rosie Cooper.

Press Release
"International Everything" is the title for a series of short talks to be held at ®edux over several evenings. On each occasion, three invited speakers will present a topic that they feel extremely interested in, but that is not their specialism in the academic, scientific or critical sense. Each talk will last for a strict fifteen minutes. They may use any kind of aide they wish - images, film, objects, anything.

Reminiscent of salon evenings and of certain dinner clubs in London in the late 1950's, "International Everything" has no set theme for any one evening, but sometimes, as has been the case for the first event, subjects may appear to relate to each other by chance.

Taking lots of books up to the caf´┐Ż section in the book shop and then not buying them - just looking at the pictures, and wishing to know a little bit or a lot more. And then wanting to tell other people because you have something that's about ten minutes more than just an anecdote that starts and stops a bit too quickly - ideas being followed in parallel to the main idea, the second being no more or less important than the first but perhaps a little more vague, oblique, uncertain.

The first International Everything will take place at ®edux on Saturday, January 21st. The following speakers will talk on the following subjects:

Fran Colomb -
Sex and the City:
Courtesans of the Second Empire

Piers Jamson -
A Theory Towards a
Victorian Retro-Future

Alex Hepburn -
Cake Architecture in
Nineteenth Century France

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