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Under A New Sky: Exhibition / Info Centre / DJ Lounge / Video & Film
Took place: March 24th, 2007
Nachural Records, 394 Ladypool Road, Birmingham

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Under A New Sky Download the flyer, 1.85MB

The artists of Under A New Sky
invite you to the opening and party.

To coincide with the Balsall Heath Park Festival: Balti in the Park.

The 'Under A New Sky' opening party takes place Friday 23rd March,
6pm - late, at Nachural Records, 394 Ladypool Road, Birmingham B12 8JZ.

ARTISTS: Reza Aramesh (Iran/UK), Paul Eachus (UK), Al Fadhil (Iraq/Italy), Nooshin Farhid (Iran/UK), Yona Friedman (Hungary/France), Dan Graham (USA), Runa Islam (Bangladesh/UK), Goshka Macuga (Poland/UK).

CURATED BY: Peter Lewis (UK) and Maurizio Bortolotti (Italy).

Press Release
Under a New Sky is an 18 month project, that was originally awarded to Peter Lewis as part of The Generator scheme conceived by John Butler and Gavin Wade at UCE Birmingham, with Arts Council England West Midlands, whose chief aim was to support proposals from professional curators that would advance and generate ideas for the creation of new art to be located specifically in the West Midlands.

Generator sought to initiate a new wave of international projects to bring out the potential, especially in consideration of cultural regeneration. Under a New Sky brings 8 artists and 2 curators from the international field with established backgrounds in working across many public situations, to the heart of West Midlands. Their remit: to realise works of art experienced in a series of events and exhibitions over a longer time period than conventional museum and gallery exhibitions offer. Encompassing performance, film, video, sculpture and architecture, art works will be located in the terms of everyday life, in the overlooked residues of urban landscape,

specifically from within the devastated area hit by the tornado. It will therefore fully ally with the City Council's schemes for regeneration, from reinvestment in the social and cultural platforms, to the political life to be shared by all its inhabitants: workers, residents and their visitors alike.

Situated right next to Balsall Heath Park the well-known recording studio and record shop Nachural Records on the Ladypool Road, will open its doors to a group of artists. As one of the highlights of the festival to be held there on 24th March, Nachural Records will function as both an info-centre, and temporary gallery, introducing the background of the artists, their work, with preliminary ideas and models for related works, in anticipation of the future realisation of its individual projects. An important aspect will also be to bring in the youth of the area, offer training opportunities and teaching, especially to local 16-25 yr olds, who may be unemployed, and, through their participation and collaboration with the artists and their curators, to provide the support structure for sustaining the success of the project in the long and proper term of regeneration.
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Info centre and the Baghdad Caf� open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - until Saturday 21 April. Opening hours: 12 - 6pm.

Under a New Sky is funded by Arts Council England West Midlands, Birmingham City Council, under the scheme of Generator: New Curatorial Research Bursaries, West Midlands, BIAD: UCE Birmingham, 2006 - 2007.

Under a New Sky is produced by
edux Projects 2007.

For further information contact:
UANS Project Manager, Liz Rowe.

Mobile: +44 [0]7769 530 557

or alternatively Email:

Leeds Met University Arts Council England West Midlands UCE Birmingham, Generator 1&2

Birmingham City Council University of the Arts, London