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Took place: March / April, 2004   [ Photos ]

Press Release 

Launches 5th March 2004
Centrefold Scrapbook is a limited-production collection of works by London artists, organised by artists Reza Aramesh and Tina Spear.

Twenty artists have been invited to contribute work to be pasted into the pages of a scrapbook. An edition of 60. Centrefold Scrapbook is a meeting place of drawing, paint, text. collage and copy-shop reproduction, with each artist providing an alternative interpretation of the artist's 'work on paper'.

An unstable mix of glamour and aggression of refined technique and raw graphic impact, of biographical fantasy and propagandist declarations, this new edition of Scrapbook further explores the hedonistic and aesthetic potential of the unprinted page.

'YOU'RE NOT SAFE HERE' refers to the sense of anxiety and urgency that permeates many of the works. It also refers to how the artists saturate their pages with visual material whose presence is as much physical as it is visual. Densely packed and heavy to hold, Centrefold is neither an art magazine nor an artists' portfolio, refusing the reader the luxury of easy contemplation.

'YOU'RE NOT SAFE HERE' also suggests the sometimes conflicting proximity of different artists' contributions, as works face off or complement each other across the scrapbook's double pages. Mounted on the coarse grey and black pages, the works have to work in a common ground that denies them the polite distance of glossy paper and professional reproduction.

Scrapbook takes its cue from the childhood fascination for collecting and collating, the improvised cutting and pasting through which a

constellation of interests and desires are brought together. A group show in its own right, Scrapbook is a magpie gathering of artists born out of personal relationships and odd encounters, a snapshot of new art in London today which reflects the unpredictable and exuberant sociability of the current scene.

Scrapbook II contributors are: Shahin Afrassiabi, Jonathan Allen, Reza Aramesh, Sarah Baker, James Barren & Robin Forster, Diann Bauer, JJ Charlesworth, Henry Coleman, Ilya Gridneff, Mustafa Hulusi. Lynne Marsh, Jo Mitchell, Paul Noble, Pil & Galia Collectiv, David Risley, Jamie Robinson, Giles Round, Anna Schori, Tina Spear, Holly Walsh.

Centrefold Scrapbook Launch Party on Friday 5th March 2004, 7-9 pm at
®edux, Unit 303, Third Floor, Lana House, 116 Commercial Street, London E1 6NF.
526 Manhattan Building, Bow Quarter, Fairfield Road, London, E3 2UP.

Centrefold Scrapbook II will be displayed within the current exhibition SIR ® EEL for more information contact Tina Spear & Reza Aramesh on 07816 953 904 or

Scrapbook I was launched in February 2003. Contributors were: Reza Aramesh, Sam Basu, Diann Bauer, Matt Bryans, Ellen Cantor, Henry Coleman, Sarah Emmerson, Brian Griffiths, Nichole Licht-Urbanic, Goshka Macuga, Rupert Norfolk, Sally O' Reilly, John Russel, Tina Spear, Francis Upritchard, Filiberto Skid and Dallas Seitz.

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