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Ben Judd and Leeds Met University
Took place: 14th February, 2006     [ Photos ]

Press Release
Ben Judd and James Chinnock organised with students from Leeds Metropolitan University a meeting at ®edux to discuss the possibilities of curating four projects in the space, to be held over May 2006. The question was raised of secret or fanatical societies, or micro-societies, which may inadvertantly induce, in a micro-political way, a re-enactment of the 'social' . The necrological society is developed perversely in particular institutional structures as a private 'aesthetic'. What [anti] aesthetic is deployed in these kinds of societies? And how can specific reference by objects and/or in the space be made to society by miming these micro-societies, and how does the behaviour of their members, in perversely idiosyncratic rituals, manifestos of beliefs, or in the highly organised

conformity implicit in the governing rules effect understanding of the conditions within which they live? The acting out by the artists themselves as members, draws attention to the communitarian. Is their activity then a futile reflection, if overlapping and converging with institutions they themselves belong to as consumers, such as the art-world, the academy, and the market? A performance by James Chinnock was enacted by instruction from an absent member of the group.

Leeds Met University

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